February 13, 2016


Why does my FizzBlaster Home Carbonation Adapter go on crooked? Is it defective?

Crooked seating FizzBlaster Cap is caused by attempting to use a non-standard PET bottle with a narrow opening. If your FizzBlaster Adapter is not threading on the PET container correctly it will not work. The FizzBlaster Adapter was specifically designed to accommodate the standard PET bottle for carbonated beverages with a PCO 1810 (28mm) or 1881(27mm) threading and a standard 22mm opening. This is the most common standard carbonated beverage PET container in the world for over the past three decades. With over 8 billion in production annually. It is critical that users of the FizzBlaster Home Carbonation Adapter use the appropriate PET bottle. Since the introduction of the PET 3025 or 2925 threading for the non-carbonated water and juice market there have been many FizzBlaster users attempting to use this non-compatible threaded PET bottle. Also the newer Economy PET bottle (1881 threaded) although compatible threading, the remains of the bottle cap must be removed (it’s known as the “tamper ring”). As this newer PET bottle is shorter in the threaded area than the PCO 1810 threading. The FizzBlaster Adapter will need this additional space on this newer threading system. To resolve this issue we recommend the following:

  • Refer to the photographs below to ascertain the identity of the PET bottle threading. Only standard PCO 1810 (28mm) or 1881 (27mm) PET bottles with a 22mm opening are compatible.
  • If the bottle you are using has smaller opening diameter than the standard 22mm PET carbonated beverage bottle, it will catch on the gas retaining wall (GRW) inside the FizzBlaster Adapter. This will cause the FizzBlaster Adapter to seat crookedly as one edge of the bottle is pushing out while the other one is pulled inward by their threads. You must use the standard PET carbonated beverage bottle with a PCO 1810 or 1881 threading and a 22mm opening.
  • Remove the remains of the original bottle cap known as the “tamper ring”. This will be necessary with the new PCO 1881 PET bottle threading. It will also help you maintain a cleaner beverage container.

PCO 1810 and PCO 1881

How is the FizzBlaster Home Carbonation Adapter made?

The FizzBlaster Home Carbonation Adapter® is assembled by hand in the United States,
undergoes multiple inspections and is fully hydro tested before being hand-packed into
retail packaging.

Do I need additional equipment to use the FizzBlaster Home Carbonation Adapter?

Yes, you need a complete carbonating system that contains the following parts:

  • CO2 Cylinder (Filled)
  • Regulator with gauge(s)
  • Gas line hose
  • Gray gas coupler (Cornelius/Ball lock)
  • Standard 1 liter or 2 liter soda PET bottle
  • FizzBlaster Home Carbonation Adapter®

We recommend that you work with your retailer to get the proper equipment. There may be suitable substitutions or upgrades available. Always remember to follow the instructions on the back of the CarbaCap retail card or here on this website.

What if I hear a hissing noise coming from the FizzBlaster Adapter?

Check that material hasn’t formed within the unit. Properly clean the Home Carbonation
Adapter which is made from high quality food-grade plastic by placing it in the dishwasher.
Also check the threads on your PET bottle as they may become worn over time and replace your
PET bottles periodically. Always use the proper standard 1-liter or 2-liter soda PET bottle
with the FizzBlaster Home Carbonation Adapter.

What if everything checks out fine but the FizzBlaster Home Carbonation Adapter still doesn’t work?

If after checking all your equipment and you still feel your FizzBlaster Home Carbonation Adapter
is unusable please send it back to us and we will replace it ABSOLUTELY FREE.
Check out our Lifetime Warranty page for more information.

How do I order a FizzBlaster Home Carbonation Adapter?

You can purchase the FizzBlaster Home Carbonation Adapter on Amazon at the following link –

What are the best types of containers to use to carbonate liquids?

 The CarbaCap threads are specifically designed for the standard soda PET bottle. PET bottle preforms (blanks) are molded with specific standard threads. The preforms are sold in bulk to companies that heat the bottom of the preform and inflate them into 1 or 2 liter bottle shapes. This can be made many different shapes and colors however the PET bottle preform threading is the same. The CarbaCap should fit tightly and snug on any standard soda PET bottle threading. Also remember to replace/recycle the PET bottle often as they can be come worn and unsuitable.Here is a list of containers that the CarbaCap will not work on or should not be used on.

  • Disposable Water Bottles (Not designed for holding pressure.)
  • Glass Bottles of Any Kind
  • Oversized or Non-standard PET Bottles
  • Cleaning or Chemical Bottles

Does the carbon dioxide (CO2) need to be kept cold as well?

The CO2 gas under pressure requires no refrigeration. Small quantities of CO2 under pressure remain as a liquid at room temperature. Larger CO2 containers need recycling systems to temporarily heat up the CO2 to keep it from forming into a solid. You may notice that when the cylinder loses pressure it will start to get very cold. CO2 gas is cryogenic in that when it gets to normal atmospheric pressure its molecules contract momentarily getting very cold. This solid is also known as dry ice. This temporary cold state is colder than any standard refrigerator or freezer can get. Regardless for home carbonating use it is not required or recommended that you refrigerate the CO2. It is okay to leave the CO2 cylinder inside the refrigerated container such as a keg system.